Catherine Dwyer

Catherine Dwyer’s Qualifications and Experience

Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Certificate in Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy

Certificate IV Training and Assessment

Member of the Australian Psychological Society

Member of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists


Catherine Dwyer is a Clinical Psychologist with over seventeen years of experience. She is a respected Senior Psychologist within the public mental health system and consults to Area Mental Health Services, Alcohol and Other Drug Services, Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation Support Services, the Homelessness Sector and Community Corrections, across the Northern Region of Melbourne. She has worked as a private practitioner for the last seven years.


Catherine is skilled in treating mood disorders, ranging from the mild to the severe including anxiety, panic attacks and depression, as well as assisting clients to manage other difficult emotions such as grief and anger, and with issues such as life adjustment, stress management, managing relationships and problem substance use.


Catherine has provided training in various mental health issues to the Department of Health, Tasmania, the Department of Corrections, Victoria, North Western Mental Health and RMIT University.

Areas of Special Interest


Catherine Dwyer has a particular interest in using the principles of neuro-plasticity (changing the brain by changing thoughts and behaviours) to support real and lasting emotional change (refer The Brain That Changes Itself, (2007). Norman Doidge M.D., Viking Penguin, New York.) Additionally, she is both skilled and enjoys working with clients who feel ‘stuck’, unable or unsure about their own ability to carry out the changes needed to improve the way they feel.